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Gigi grew up in the Philippines, knowing she wanted to be a doctor at an early age. This one purpose focused her activities and gave her a framework for life. As a child growing up in Manila, she watched TV shows of life in America - people free to do whatever they wanted! She dreamed of helping others by being the best she can be in her field. She knew she wanted a house with a swimming pool, horses and an indoor ping pong table! She wanted to explore the world by travel and meet people of different cultures. She dreamed of adventures that she only watched on TV at that time. She focused on her medical studies and excelled. She was accepted to residency training in New York and this was her ticket to fly in a plane for the first time and arrive in America.


Her world opened up to all the possibilities. As she appreciated the new world, without realizing what was happening, her dreams started manifesting in her reality! She has a thriving medical practice, the house of her dreams, her ideal relationships and a healthy body! She enjoys her relationships with her patients as she directs them to line up with their total healthy Self, physically, mentally and spiritually.


She "walks the talk" of living life to the fullest ... She has travelled some of the most beautiful places on horseback, including Bryce Canyon, Glacier National Park and Zion National Park. She rides her motorcycles with other ladies of the Motor Maids Organization, to different places in North America. She goes whitewater kayaking (the Grand Canyon next year), flies helicopters, snowboards Whistler mountain, enjoys table tennis, dabbles in knifemaking ... the list is as long as her zest for life flows freely.



Dr. Gigi Orgera is a board-certified Internal Medicine physician, Rea Estate Investor, Builder and Interior Designer, Internet marketer and Lifestyle Coach. She is excellent at teaching and inspiring others in the specific steps by which they can create and attain the lives of their dreams.


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