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Brian and Jennie are highly esteemed business partners who united to combine their skills and expertise to build a prosperous business to help coach and guide others to maximize their potential and manifest the lifestyle they desire. They have exhibited phenomenal success in their ability to methodically operate multiple businesses. It is their intention to be able to help others assimilate these strategies and techniques in the lives of their clients and corporations they work with.


Brian Dalmaso


Brian Dalmaso went right from high school into mechanical engineering working for the General electric company attending college nights. He spent the first 15 years of his career in the mechanical engineering and product development world. From Engineering and Industrial design to Architecture and Construction, he has educated himself to be uniquely qualified to coach others in the the endeavors of entrepreneurship. Since his first taste of entrepreneurship in 2003, Brian has never looked back and has started and developed more than 10 companies and revenue streams. He is a business mastermind and truly possesses a unique ability to run these multiple businesses and lead each of them to high ranking success and lucrative return.

  • Found passion for building and construction and decided to venture and to start his first company BMK Associates Inc. a design build firm.
  • Surrounded himself with open minded professionals from all walks of life and continues to develop companies and help others develop their ideas into companies through the Matrix Success Network.
  • Desires to travel the globe teaching thousands of people on how to believe in and act upon the greatness of their own minds.

Jennie Lynn

Jennie pursued her education to become a registered nurse in 2010 and has been practicing since then. She began her writing career as a magazine editor, and her articles have been published in Natural Gainz Magazine, Natural Mag International, Muscle Sport Magazine, and Be Legendary Magazine. She ventured into entrepreneurship in 2016 and happily manages several other businesses with Brian, which includes Matrix Success Network.

  • Awarded as an International and a #1 Best Selling Author with her first book, Magnetic Love.
  • A fitness fanatic, successful professional model and earned Pro trifecta status in natural figure, physique and bodybuilding.
  • A relationship expert, artist, mentor, speaker and holistic health coach.
  • Passions include nature, traveling, learning and business.

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