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Craig Hansen

Franchise Developer, Business Growth & Funding Specialist and International Speaker


New Zealander Craig Hansen brings a global perspective to the Matrix team as a coach, leader, educator, speaker and entrepreneur. He has held leadership positions in government, non-profit organisations, educational institutions and has led innovative projects around the world - India, Nepal, Indonesia, America and New Zealand!

As a committed servant leader, Craig is a specialist in cutting-edge strategies that leverage the power of technology and empowered-outsourcing to get things done that others consider too hard, can’t be done or the resistance is to big, particularly in the virtual space. When teams need encouragement, structure and inspiration, Craig is the results-focused coach that is called on for corporate team-training and SMB development.

craig hansen
Mike Smith

Mike Smith, PhD

Former USAF Thunderbirds First Sergeant

Mike Smith is currently a Professional Speaker, Coach and Consultant who has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Toyota, and most recently Caterpillar, speaking on the topics of Mental Toughness and Approval Addiction. In addition to this, Mike Serves in the role of Director of Public Relations for the nonprofit organization, A Patriots Legacy.

Donald Drury

Personal & Professional Consultant

Over the course of his career, Don has refined his mentoring, coaching, and facilitation skills and has been involved in many cross-functional initiatives to align Sales, Marketing, Product, and Service teams. To leverage this leadership experience and his work helping develop the careers of many team members over the year,s Don has started his own coaching and consulting practice focused on helping people pursue their personal and professional dreams and goals.

Don Drury Headshot

Brian Matsen

Speaker & World-class personal & Business coach

Brian Matsen is an entrepreneur, investor, speaker and world-class personal and business coach. His successful career has spanned over 20 years, predominantly in the financial industry. He worked at some of the largest financial institutions in the world including 14 years as a Regional Vice President at ING and Voya Financial, a Fortune 500 company. He was a well-respected leader in his field and personally did over a billion dollars in sales.

Reem Burrows

Personal & Professional Consultant | Corporate Stylist

Reem brings a strong commercial acumen built through years of dedication and achievement working with several global companies in senior management roles.  She has the ability to add heart and soul to highly structured corporate environments to promote growth and excellence in people. Reem’s natural ability and passion for enhancing and strengthening the team she works with ensures success at both an individual and corporate level.

This has resulted in Reem piloting her own consulting business to broaden her reach to more organizations and individuals.

Reem Burrows

Pradnya Leitner 


Pradnya Leitner is a personal and business development coach and a consultant with the Proctor Gallagher Institute. She has been trained by the institute’s founder, Bob Proctor, one of the world’s greatest teachers in the field of human potential and growth. Pradnya brings to her role her own personal story of coming from a modest background to achieving success and recognition in Corporate Sales, Sales Enablement and Execution, and Global Marketing Leadership with industry leaders, IBM and Salesforce. Pradnya is passionate about helping individuals, companies, executives, and entrepreneurs make a quantum leap in their personal and professional results and achieve their fullest potential. Pradnya accomplishes this goal by facilitating a proven and in-depth six-month coaching program called, “Thinking Into Results - Program for Leaders” to get her individual clients as well as businesses on the fast track to success.

Robert Verhelst

Veteran| Professional Speaker | CEO

From Rob’s experiences as an Air Force Veteran, 17 years veteran firefighter & 9/11 rescue worker, He has utilized these experience's, in collaboration his my expertise in mental toughness, to focus on developing groups, individuals & companies mindsets and passion to live their highest potential. He is a Guinness World Record for the Most Ironman 70.3 Triathlons in 2015 wearing full firefighter turnout gear, for each race to provide inspiration and honor. If you are looking for a speaker to ignite the fire in your meeting, event or conference, look no further.


Tom Vargeletis

Realtor | Investor | Author | Serial Entrepreneur

Thomas is a Realtor, Investor, Author, and Serial Entrepreneur. He started his working career in the U.S. Army where he had the opportunity to meet individuals all over the globe, and learn how they find success in their various cultures, economy's, and geopolitical landscape. After his service, he began focusing entirely on Real Estate. Starting and simultaneously running a real estate photography company, property management, investing, and real estate sales business,' all while constantly writing and training agents in his organization.


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